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Management Consulting for hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

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Executif Gestão Empresarial was founded in 2016 in Curitiba, the largest city in southern Brazil, when its founder identified the need for better management practices in the Brazilian healthcare sector. 

Strategy & Business Development

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Define your strategy and find new business opportunities. 

Financial Modelling and Analysis

Make sure your business is profitable and growing at a steady pace.

Process Improvement

Minimize waste, increase throughput and reduce lead times. 

Sales Management

Develop a predictable and efficient sales funnel.


Rodrigo Camargo, MD

CEO at one of the most prestigious fertility clinics in the country.

Founded 3 healthcare startups, one of which was sold to major Brazilian health conglomerate. 


18+ year medical career with widespread experience in health management and cost avoidance.

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Mario H Braga, MBA

10+ years in healthcare across various sector and international markets.


Liaised with the private sector, governments and international donors to deploy women’s health solutions in Africa and China.


Founded Executif to bring management solutions to healthcare organizations in Brazil.

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Curitiba, Paraná - BRAZIL

Population of 2 million (8th largest in Brazil and largest in the southern region).

5th largest GDP.

Only Latin American city to be included amongst the Top 21 Smartest Communities by Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)​

Most promising Start-up ecosystem in Brazil by Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020.

Home to Renault, Volto, Exxon Mobil, Electrolux, Mondelez and many others.

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